YokohamaShin-Yokohama,Chiropractic新横浜のカイロ・整体。 港北区、神奈川区、緑区、都筑区、鶴見区、菊名、綱島からも多くの方が来院。

Treatment & Room

Treatment Procedure

01. Interview

Interview is the first and the most important process at Trinity Chiropractic.

What caused the symptom? How it has been developed? What is the level of pain. People may have similar symptoms but their daily life and surrounding environment are different. To understand your current situation correctly and provide proper examination and treatment, we ask about symptoms and your worries in detail.

02. Examination

Following interview, neural, joint and muscle functions will be examined to find out what has caused your problems.

* We will ask you to change clothes for examination and treatment. We have plenty of T-shirts and loose pants at clinic suitable for treatment but you can bring your own if you would like to.

03. Explanation

Based on the information from the interview and examination, possible causes of symptoms and treatment plan will be explained.

04. Treatment

We choose appropriate treatment methods for each individual to treat spine, muscle and ligaments etc. Physiotherapy equipment (ultra sound, Interference wave and parafango etc) may be used if necessary to accelerate healing process. Treatment is not painful.

05. Advice

Some advice and tips in the daily life will be given such as simple exercises and muscle stretch to accelerate healing process and to avoid the symptom comes back. We will support your health improvement outside the clinic as well.


◆ Room

ph_room01.jpgWe have three private rooms to protect privacy of patients during treatment. You can visit the clinic with your friends or family to have treatment together if rooms are Available at the same time.



◆ Reception

ph_room02.jpgComfortable & relaxing space assist health and well being. We have many green plants in reception area which give us balance, harmony and peace of mind.


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TEL 045-473-1133




カイロプラクティックは薬物や外科手術などで 症状を抑えるのではなく からだ本来の正常な骨格、神経の流れに戻し自然 治癒力を高め症状を改善する施術法です。

横浜港北区(新横浜2分!)の整体・カイロプラクティック治療院。完全個室でプライバシーも安心。 肩こり、腰痛、頭痛、足の痺れや痛み、坐骨神経痛などの神経症状に適応。