YokohamaShin-Yokohama,Chiropractic新横浜のカイロ・整体。 港北区、神奈川区、緑区、都筑区、鶴見区、菊名、綱島からも多くの方が来院。


Is Chiropractic treatment painful ?

Chiropractic treatment is usually not painful. At TRINITY Chiropractic, we interview and examine joints and muscle carefully to identify problems, then we use minimum force necessary to approach the problems. It rarely hurt during treatment.


Is there anything I should bring with me when seeing a chiropractor?

No. We ask patients to change clothes so that we can accurately and smoothly carry out examinations. We have more than enough T-shirts and loose pants at the clinic, so you do not have to bring your clothes of your own. In case you wish to bring your own clothes, loose and thin clothes would be suitable for chiropractic treatment.


What is the difference between Chiropractic and Seitai, Acupuncture, Massage and Bone Setter ?

Chiropractic was started in the United States and has been legislated in more than 34 countries in the world and it is covered by medical insurance in some of them. Chiropractic tries to identify the source of problems rather than directly approaching symptoms.
– Chiropractic has not been legislated in Japan, yet.
– Chiropractic is recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation) as one of major alternative medicines and practiced worldwide.

Japanese traditional manual therapy. Seitai analyses distortion of spine and tries to fix it. It is also not legislated in Japan.

・Legislated in Japan and cannot be practiced without national qualification. Covered by health insurance.
・Recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation) as one of alternative medicine and it is internationally practiced health care.

【Massage Therapy】
Alleviate muscle related symptoms temporarily.
Cannot be practiced without national qualification.

【Bone Setter】
Bone setters take care of joint dislocation and broken bone in particular. Legislated in Japan and require national qualification to practice. It is also covered by health insurance. Judo black belts were able to practice using the name of bone setter in the past.

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カイロプラクティックは薬物や外科手術などで 症状を抑えるのではなく からだ本来の正常な骨格、神経の流れに戻し自然 治癒力を高め症状を改善する施術法です。

横浜港北区(新横浜2分!)の整体・カイロプラクティック治療院。完全個室でプライバシーも安心。 肩こり、腰痛、頭痛、足の痺れや痛み、坐骨神経痛などの神経症状に適応。